Obligatory First Blog Post

What in the actual hell do I write about here? The year is 2020. Even if the sweet merciful release of death comes to us all, we know that in this cursed epoch of a year said release would neither be sweet nor merciful. No, the murder hornets would be a Chekhov’s gun that finally goes off, and with much blood splatter.

Ahem. But that’s not what this post is supposed to be about. I’m supposed to be introducing myself to those following me here (so, hi mom!). Who am I?

I’m a gardener and a cook (nothing like cooking fresh veggies you just picked yourself). I’m a father and a husband. With the amount of animals we have, I think I also classify as a zookeeper. But not like one of those creepy tiger guys.

And I’m a writer. A good one? No. Working on it? Yes!

I love writing. Always have. I love the craft of it–all of the different styles, techniques, methods. Understanding what each and every word means, beyond just the dictionary definition. The flow of words and how they impart comedy in the banal, or dread in the calm. I’m even starting to love the process of editing (but not entirely).

About two years ago I started to take it seriously. Before that it was just some things written here and there, with little thought beyond the joy that crafting gave me. I’ve now drafted dozens of shorts, a few novellas, and am in the second round of editing a novel (not technically my first, but the others were written when I was in my late teens/early twenties and they are not really worth mentioning). Most importantly, I joined an incredible writer’s group filled with individuals who talents are not only lightyears beyond my own, but who are imbued with the patience to share that talent and help me grow. And dear G-d above does that require monumental patience.

So now I’m roughly at the area where my confidence has grown just enough that I am willing to put my words out there. I’ve got some short stories pending with pro-level mags, entered some contests of esteem, made a Twitter account. Also, this website.

Why the website? Well, if I ever get to the point that people like my writing, I very arrogantly want to point them to all the places they can find it. It’ll also feature some exclusive works here! Plus the random blog updates. About what? Who knows. Maybe my killer (and easy!) grilled white eggplant recipe. Stick around and find out. We can be surprised together.

Also—in the interest of full disclosure, I am a cisgendered, heterosexual white male. Does that matter? Yes and no. It matters in the sense that, if someone feels that there are certain topics in my works that should be dissected with that consideration, then it should be an open fact. And I myself am open to that dissecting. Call me out. Tell me where I’m wrong. A very good writer friend of mine did so not that long ago and I feel I’ve grown from the experience. Just like my writing, I am a work in progress, and I’m also committed to putting the same effort into that as I am putting into my words.

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