The Schedule Says Its Time for a Blog Post

So, uh, here’s a blog post!

Since I’ve been operating off of the idea that this will be a journal of what not to do and how not to do it, let’s review what’s new and why its all wrong.

On the good news, the second edit of my WIP is going swimmingly. I am quite behind self-imposed schedule, but a.) when you have ADHD like me, you tend to make ridiculously optimistic schedules regardless, and b.) considering I’m in week two of being finally back to work, time isn’t quite as luxurious as it once was. That said, I’m over halfway through, and really I think it will be ready for the next round of #PitMad, which is the ultimate goal anyhow.

On the bad–rejections abound. A story I really believed in was submitted some months ago to Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. I got the email back this week that it didn’t place. Not as in first, second, or third. As in, not even ‘honorable mention’. Something particularly unpleasant when you think to yourself ‘this has a shot at the gold!’ and being told ‘no, actually, we’d rather not even mention it exists’.

Two other rejections rolled in as well, including one that had been held for quite some time at a well-esteemed magazine. Normally I keep my expectations low when submitting, but this one had dared to spark a kernel of hope in me, considering how long they kept it. So to not even get a personal rejection after that was another uppercut to the chin.

(At this point, you’re probably wondering to yourself… ‘self, I don’t think it sounds like he’s very good at writing, maybe I shouldn’t bother on his website anymore’. This is fair.)

But onwards and upwards. The beta reader feedback on my works has been growing increasingly positive–moving from structural issues like missing character arcs and other story-killers to more line edit nitpicking. (Some structural issues still arise. Let’s not kid ourselves here.) I did receive a personal rejection from one mag of esteem, my second from there, and trust me a personal rejection from a magazine that receives hundreds of submissions a week is honestly a win.

Eventually, this journey will start properly, and I’ll be telling you all to go read one of my stories in ‘Doc Smitherwick’s One Issue Magazine That Features A Story This Random Guy Emailed Us And We Didn’t Pay For’. And then, it’ll be smoooooth sailing, my friends.

Also, go read The Poetic Narrative, up now here as a website exclusive! Because I’m clearly such a good author, you definitely don’t want to not read that (maybe)(ish).

Till next time!

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