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Happy Thursday (Friday) evening to all. Well, to those in the Western Hemisphere anyways. Happy… whatever day/time it is for you, wherever you may be. (P.S., I meant

Writing takes a new life when your time is constricted. Between children, a wife who apparently enjoys my occasional company, a full time job, the various animals and my garden… le sigh, as the kids say (I’m kinda old so if the kids don’t actually say that anymore, just leave me to my blissful ignorance).

And yet, I’ve still managed to complete my third draft for my novel Capitalist Bacon, am working on a second draft for a 5K short story, and am happily beta-reading along with two other novels (which is really giving me an inferiority complex considering how damn good they are).

Finding time to structure writing into my day is a challenge, but I think it’s actually brought out the best in it. Something about having the time crunch of a lunch hour while at work and the frenzied focus of writing time I do manage to give myself on weeknights has birthed a great new focus.

Up until last month, I was unemployed for a bit. (Yay 2020!) I had time. Granted, I was also frantically looking for a new job, while also taking extra toddler duties, but I certainly had more time. Looking back, it was very random and unfocused time. Occasionally I found myself with three straight hours to write, or even more. And yet I would easily become distracted, or if I hit a snag in the writing, I could just get up and walk away for a bit–no rush, right?

In the daydreaming I do on my work commutes (because of course I went from a working-at-home job to an in-office job when the entire rest of the world pivoted the other direction), when I dare to imagine a life where I’m a full-time writer, I do wonder how I would still manage to harness that focus.

But while its fun to daydream, its probably not an issue I’m going to have to worry about. And if I am ever so lucky, well, that’s most likely so far off, no use to worry about it now. Yet, it is nice sometimes to see the bright side of things. Quality, not quantity, rules how I want to write, so even with the annoying time suck that is a job, in a weird way it’s been a blessing to my craft.

That’s all for now. Til next Thursday. Oh, and obligatory self-promo time! Check out The Poetic Narrative (under ‘Published Here’, if that’s not clear enough), a website exclusive*, and sign up for my newsletter for more inane ramblings and another exclusive story*!

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