Random Friday Attack!

Can’t be late if I’m not even bothering to pay attention to my self-imposed schedule!

Great news—I found a new job. Quite the promotion, really. Plus it is WFH, which was a major thing I was looking for.

I begin Nov. 2nd, which means I have a week to myself. While I do have a variety of tasks I need to accomplish in that time frame—some car repairs, badly overdue yard projects (me? running behind? never!)—there is one primary goal to accomplish: finalize edits of my hopefully debut novel, Capitalist Bacon.

The beta readers not only gave some amazing feedback that will really turn this lump of carbon into a diamond (assuming I apply the feedback correctly), but also a great amount of encouragement.

If the title doesn’t give it away, yes, there is a strong political lean in this book. Sales can be one of the most capitalist environments out there, so it tends to be… fun… when a sales person is a socialist. Let’s just say few sales managers likely voted for Bernie. (To be clear, that doesn’t mean they are all necessarily pure MAGA, either.)

But to be clear, the story isn’t just an inverted Animal Farm. What I hope to have created is a story that just about everyone has faced: living in the world we want to live in, versus living in the world we do live in.

I’ve created a schedule for myself over the next week that should allow me to finish this last round of edits and be able to begin poking agents. Yes, I will first attempt traditional publishing. Since time can be scarce for me, I am hoping to receive some additional support in getting this out to the world.

Part of my new self-imposed schedule, which I shall surely follow to a T, is to have update posts here every evening detailing my progress. So stick around!

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