Sunday Funday

I’m on chapter three.

This sounds like an issue because there are twenty-five chapters in Capitalist Bacon. But being at three out of twenty-five is not *actually* the issue. The issue is: chapter three is The Problem Chapter.

While there is work to be done throughout the novel, for the most part each chapter worked. They played their part in terms of character development, plot progression, etc. They featured all the requisite parts for a chapter to work–conflicts, turns, twists, hooks, etc. And the ones that fell somewhere short on these have relatively easy fixes. An earlier or later beginning/ending, a reverse of dialogue, trimming some fat, what-have-you.

Not this chapter. This is The Problem Chapter.

Chapter three is critical in introducing one of the three POV characters as well as fleshing out a major secondary character. It lays the groundwork for conflicts that reverberate throughout the rest of the novel. The first three chapters are the bedrock on which the novel sits, and yet this chapter… is The Problem Chapter.

I really can’t go into detail about what the issue is, aside from there is a lack of conflict, and no clear way to introduce conflict without throwing the rest of the chapter off-balance. There are a few other things that need to be tweaked, but those can all be handled relatively easily. One of my beta readers, an extremely talented author in his own right, called this chapter one of the most intriguing problems he’s ever seen (yay).

So here we sit. It is Sunday, and I am staring at The Problem Chapter. Fix this, and the novel should sing. Fail, and the whole thing will fall apart.

Wish me luck.

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