The Beast is Slain

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a productive start to your week and that the caffeine flowed freely.

Much hand-wringing and meditation and possibly a shot of rum later, The Problem Chapter of Capitalist Bacon is now just Chapter 3. This did slow down the pacing of my edits… I concluded today on chapter 5 (again, out of twenty-five). Which is a bit behind schedule, but it should be fine.

While I am sweating the financial situation of being jobless for a week, I can’t argue the pleasure of spending a Monday editing my novel, playing with my toddler, gardening and composting, and cooking a lovely set of lamb chops for dinner. A guilty pleasure to be sure, but those are the best kind, after all.

Lest something weird happen and this novel actually becomes a success, I don’t want it to sound like I’ve done all the work myself. I have had world-class beta readers, all great writers themselves, and they have given me some suggestions that I have shamelessly taken and applied with gusto. (And yes, I leaned on two of them to ensure that my perceived fix of The Problem Chapter worked.) Fellow writers, whatever you do, get yourself *quality* beta readers. I can’t emphasize that enough, nor emphasize my gratitude to mine enough.

Tomorrow shall be another glorious day of edits. Goal is to get through ten chapters. If you’ve written a novel, you’ve likely experienced how the quality increases as you move along, so hopefully that speeds the process up.

For now, rosemary and garlic basted lamb chops await. (Lemme know if y’all want the recipe, this isn’t a cooking blog but I’m willing to share.) As ever, wish me luck tomorrow y’all, and I’ll see you then.

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