Staggering Forward is Technically Progress

What in the blue hell just happened?

I was up at 6am, went and did 45 minutes of cardio, and came back home. It was somewhere around after that time that everything went to pot.

My goal was ten chapters. It was an intentionally lofty goal—eight or nine would have still been great, five would have been acceptable.

I did three.

Another side-goal of mine, since I can’t sit for hours on end staring at a computer screen, was to re-mulch the back area of my yard. (This is not a difficult project. It’s a small strip and I use oak leaves.)

I mean, I looked at the area.

The problem is, I can’t figure out for the life of me what happened.

I had one minor set-back; my FIL’s battery died at a nearby park, so I ran and gave him a ride home. But that accounts for, at best, thirty to forty minutes of my day. I went grocery shopping, but the list was small and I was in and out in record time. I got to see my toddler interact with her Early Steps counselor, which was a treat, but that was about one hour. So… I can account for roughly two hours out of a day where I got such little progress that it’s frightening.

It may only be Tuesday, but as I’m starting my new job on Monday (and it’s quite an intensive one, time and brainpower-wise) my aim is to have Capitalist Bacon ready to start querying by Saturday. Sitting partway on chapter nine, with sixteen to go, is not a great position to be in. (Not to mention a few other obligations this week, particularly on Thursday, aren’t going to allow ample opportunities for make-up time.)

About two months ago or so, I wrote a blog about how having a structured 9-5 in-office job had forced me to organize and prioritize my days, especially in terms of writing, and how I found a boost in productivity thanks to it. Looks like I’ll need to snatch that lightning in a bottle going forward. Because by Jove, I’m getting this novel ready to go by Saturday.

Wish me luck, y’all. And if you’re enjoying blog posts about a struggling wanna-be author, I suggest you check the top menu for ‘Published Here’. The Poetic Narrative awaits you, a tale of just how bad things can go for struggling creatives, both in terms of the story itself as well as the story’s quality. You were warned.

Till tomorrow!

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