It Is Wednesday, My Dudes

(I hope that’s not technically copyrighted or something.)

Phew. I definitely got back on track—now at chapter 15 out of 25. Seems reasonable that I should complete Capitalist Bacon’s final edit by Saturday. Tomorrow will be a smaller bit of progress due to another commitment, but if I still manage to squeeze two more chapters out, it should be smooth sailing. Not only did I get myself back in the game with the editing, but I also accomplished my side-quests today. Woot!

I gotta be honest, pushing myself the way I did today has left me pretty tired, so there’s not much I have the energy to say here. In a bit, I’m going to treat myself to a dinner of grilled steak and carrots. (Florida is pretty miserable right now, so I’m not sure cooking outside in the humidity over an open fire is the best idea, but I tend to make bad decisions.)

Remember, check out the ‘Published Here’ section for the Poetic Narratives, a series of short-ish stories detailing just how bad things can go for a terrible writer and his friends who are trapped in Florida and are also destined to frequently save the world from threats nobody else ever seems to notice. The first one is up now, and the second one will be out sometime this fall. (It’s ready for edits now but you’ll forgive me if my editing bandwidth is already a bit taxed.)

So, until next time my dudes. Hope your hump day was as hump-rific as mine was.

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