The End

Such satisfying words to write. Granted… this was an edit, and in fact the second one, so Capitalist Bacon had technically been written for some time. But this was the first time I let myself write those words on the last page.

I’m also giving it one final polish, just a quick search-and-kill for dumb words (that, just, etc.), as well as to review some side-notes I made to be sure the final story shines for the reader the way it does in my head. But that will be quick, not even worthy of being called an edit.

So now it’s time to start querying. First to lean on Writer’s Digest tools to help write a pitch, then to start blasting out emails by the absolute buttload.

It’s hard to keep expectations reasonable. This is the first novel I’ll have ever seriously submitted anywhere, and I am still waiting for that elusive first magazine short-story pub, so I should probably be drinking pessimism by the gallon.

But whatever. Today I’ll sit back and let myself feel accomplished, maybe peruse some websites to see what kind of private jet I’ll buy with the massive advance a future publisher will surely bestow upon me.

Its Friday everyone, and not only that, Florida finally got its first cold front of the year (we’re down to the high 70’s, hooray!). Wherever you are and whatever your plans are for today and this weekend, I hope you all stay safe and well.

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