I Started This In A Tropical Storm

So, not much has happened since the last time I posted here. Just a presidential election, a sitting president claiming said election was fraudulent, COVID hitting record numbers, and as I write this a tropical storm hitting the Tampa Bay area.

Not much at all.

Capitalist Bacon has been pitched to a few agents. Of course I found flaws with the query letter and appropriately re-drafted. I’m going with the method of sending to a few at a time to judge the strength of my pitch, so it might take a bit to find representation—assuming, of course, that I do.

Finding the will to write in the meantime was, well, lacking for a few days. Specifically the days I was sitting and biting my nails, wondering if we’d indeed managed to remove a dictator via vote. Granted, that’s not a set-in-stone thing even now, but I do have a sense of confidence that even Trumps’ temper tantrums won’t save him this time. And Biden isn’t exactly… uh, great either… but I was on-board with the fact that removing Trump from power was the critical, and only, step number one in turning this country around.

It sure will be nice when we get to vote for a president and not just against one, won’t it? I mean, surely that will happen. Someday. Maybe. Uh, moving on.

So remember me mentioning that I’m writing this in the middle of a tropical storm hitting? Yeah… we’ll see if power holds. Internet is already down, which will explain why this is posted *after* said storm.

Pretty sure when President AOC seizes power, there won’t be any more tropical storms or hurricanes, so at least we have that to look forward to.

Ok, I am so damn distracted with this storm. Totally sitting on a patio and watching. Had a few Tornado Warnings today, including one when I was in my yard securing things and heard a really weird, loud noise nearby. (It wasn’t a tornado, obviously, but still gets the ol’ sphincter puckered.)

Also, transformers make for the prettiest light shows when they blow.

ANYWAYS… as I was saying, the will to write was lacking for a bit, but I’m back at it now. Mostly just editing older shorts and trying to find homes for them. I submitted to Apex’s Holiday Horror contest and was summarily rejected (lol), so I think I’ll be sending that out in a newsletter soon. If you’re interested, be sure you’re signing up for that!

Wow, I didn’t know mango trees could bend sideways. Seems the wind is picking up.

Ok, this is a Sisyphean task. Till next time. Stay safe!

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