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A hectic day, a glorious day! First and foremost, it’s #PitMad time, babyyyy. I’m madly participating, still seeking an agent for my debut novel Capitalist Bacon. If you’re on Twitter, look me up @JJSegwis and give my pitches a RT, why don’t you? Gotta work the uber-mysterious and all-powerful algorithms, after all.

While preparing for a proper PitMad sesh is a fair share of work in and of itself, there’s been plenty else keeping me occupied. As I mentioned in my newsletter, now that I’ve recovered from the ‘rona, I’m back to lifting weights at the gym. Which not only means I’m spending time on that, but as I haven’t lifted in damn near a year, it means it now also takes me twice as long to walk… anywhere, ever. Thanks DOMS, love you. (That’s sarcasm.)

But what else is new? I teased some super cool news previously, and I’m afraid to inform you that it shall remain a tease for now. However, I will tell you all that I did submit a story titled ‘Incorrigible’ for possible publication… and swiftly discovered the joys of attempting to submit a 9K+ commercial (ergo: non sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or any of the other fun genres) story to magazines. I do believe in the story, it’s one that rings quite true to me.

Steve wasn’t always a good person–far from it. He was homophobic, misogynistic, and chauvinist. But he’s better now, right? Or at least he has to be, if he is to help his beloved older sister deal with a school board determined to take away her basic rights. Joining a fight when he himself was on the other side not so long ago is going to be the true eye-opener for him.

Wish me luck, as I really hope it finds a home somewhere. (Then again, I feel the same about anything I submit, so…)

The third Poetic Narrative is slated to come out ‘Winter 2020’, which, in a very liberal sense, runs through March 15th. (Depending where you live, this is variously not-true.) The good news is, the draft is done and off to some beta-reading! We’ll see if I can actually keep to a schedule this time. In the meantime, check out the first two at the ‘Published Here‘ portion of ye olde website.

Oh, one last thing. When I pitch stories or my novel, I’m asked for a bio. I never know what to say, so I include the comment “when not writing, he enjoys cooking, gardening, and tending to a small zoo’s worth of animals”. If you feel like seeing pictures of said zoo, I’m doing a gradual photoshoot of the critters over at Instagram, so check me out over there if you enjoy seeing domesticated animals abusive overlords in their semi-natural habitat.

Alright, back to pushing for RT’s on my #PitMad pitch. Till next time, everyone stay safe and healthy!

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