Delays and Other Such Annoyances

Let’s play an old but fun game, shall we? Two truths and a lie: 1.) Winter officially ended March 20th. 2.) The Third Poetic Narrative was scheduled to be released ‘Winter 2020’. 3.) The Third Poetic Narrative indeed was released on that schedule.

Did you guess the lie? (If you didn’t, I mean… come on.) I’ve been told that I was born early and fast. Apparently I got that out of my system right quick cuz I haven’t been early or even on time for anything ever since. Hell, even this very blog post is several days late. The best part is, these are self-imposed deadlines! I know I will fail, yet… I don’t have a follow up for that, sorry. Truth be told, I haven’t a clue why I do this to myself.

I’ve got all sorts of goals that I’ve been slipping on. Part of the Inkubator’s writing group (if you love writing and the company of questionable folk such as I, check us out here) that I am a proud member of is an accountability channel. It’s very impressive, to me, seeing other talented authors posting their weekly word counts. For the most part, I’ve quietly ducked away, as its become a habit for me to post smaller and smaller goals… and still miss them.

I think what it has really come down to for me is biting off more than I can chew. Blogging, newsletter, various social media… it can be a lot when you also work full time and have kids. And the thing that’s been paying the price is my writing. Considering my ultimate goal is to a be a full time author, that’s unacceptable.

So I’m going to be scaling back a bit. The newsletter will remain functional, with the goal of short stories going out whenever available. If you find me on Twitter and want to chat, I’ll always make time to reply! Otherwise, I’ll be backing off that a bit. As for the blog, I’m going to be cutting down from bi-weekly to monthly, unless I have actual news to share, or a great short story I’ve reviewed. Let’s face it, I haven’t had that much to say every other week anyways.

Also, the upcoming schedule for the Poetic Narratives is getting adjusted to ‘TBD’ for all future entries. I’ll update them when I have an actual, feasible time frame to hit. The third is definitely still coming soon! We are going to set that for May, 2021, as it is in fact almost done.

For now, it may feel as if I’ve become a bit more absent, but rest assured: that’s because I’m busy writing away. Hopefully this means my blog posts and such will have a lot more meat to them, we shall see.

Until then, be safe and happy my friends! Til next time.

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