Edits, Re-drafts, and Re-writes.

These are a few of my (least) favorite things.

I will say, I hate them significantly less than I used to. I would be surprised to ever find a writer that actually enjoys this part of the process more than the initial writing/creating stage–although I’m quite certain said writer exists, somewhere–but it remains arguably an even more crucial step.

And I’m knee-deep in it now. I’ve re-drafted The Spirit of Winter for the third time, although it would appear off a few initial beta reader notes, it’ll be going through at least a fourth before it gets sent off to magazines for rejection. Hooray! The joys of writing an uber-complicated premise set in a deeply built world within 3K words. Then again, I knew it would be a difficult thing to pull off, hence why I created it in the first place. The best stories are rarely easy to write.

I’ve also begun some edits on The Simurgh, a fantasy short (although, clocking in at around 8-9K words, it’s significantly less… short) set in a separate, yet no less deeply built, world. At least I gave myself room on that one to get into necessary details while avoiding quick info-dumps. These edits are a challenge, but at least there is a bit of guidance based on some great feedback I received from a mag rejection.

Ajayi sits on the cusp of manhood, living in the shadow of a father he never knew, slain when he was a baby during his village’s uprising. Now that a Simurgh threatens them, they are forced to turn to the Spearkeeper’s elite Janluck troop–the same who put down the uprising ten years ago. Ajayi needs to hate them, but their commander Umayyad seems different; almost kind, even caring. How can Ajayi come to age in a world here two truths exist at the same time, yet contradict each other?

We’ll see who is up next to turn this one down when I am done. While longer stories are a bit easier to write, they also tend to narrow down acceptance rates.

I’ve also-also put some work into Capitalist Bacon‘s opening chapter. After the first million agent rejections (and a manuscript request that then ghosted me, even after I asked for an update), I decided to look at it with a critical eye once more, and identified a few tweaks that hopefully improve the work overall. It’s with my writing group now, so we shall see.

Oh, and for poops and chuckles, I even re-wrote a drabble from last year and tossed it out for submission. It’s set loosely in the same world as The Spirit of Winter and is entitled Escape. As the word count is probably about the same as the above blurb for The Simurgh, I’ll go ahead and skip that.

(And yes, yes, the Third Poetic Narrative is with some beta readers now, I promise I’m also still moving forward on that one.)

Anyways, off to continue the edits. I’ll be sure to post again as soon as I receive some good news about an acceptance. Hahahahaha! Anyways, til next time, stay safe and healthy out there.

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