Bit by Bit

This website and blog have existed for a terrifying amount of time for so little to show for it.

This point has been driven home by a friendly email reminder from WordPress regarding the fact that my annual subscription is up for renewal. According to the dictionary, ‘annual’ indicates that it has been a year.

In terms of the ‘little to show for it’, granted, I’d hope to have had some success in regards to publication by now–a magazine acceptance, an agent for Capitalist Bacon, what-have-you. That said, I was darn well aware that’s a lengthy process. (Not like I started all that just a year ago anyways–only this website.)

I mean in terms of followers, activity, etc. etc. The reason authors have websites and blogs in the first place. (Well, that and ego, I suppose?) Looking around at some other writer blogs, I think some adjustments are in order.

First and foremost, the current way I’ve been handling my award-winning*, super-popular**, and completely free*** absurd comedy series The Poetic Narratives is clearly off. Look, I’m in my mid-30’s, but I’m not one of those uber-hip people in their mid-30’s that understands how the internet works. (I didn’t have a computer in my house until I was 12, growing up poor and all.) Sticking PDF files for download is probably just… not the best method. So, starting soon****, I will be releasing them in smaller, bite-sized episodes as direct blog posts.

(*You know damn well there are no awards. **My mom won’t even read them. ***This part is at least true. ****If this blog has proven anything, it’s that my concept of timeframes is flawed at best.)

Other than that, no news, as there never is. Edits are progressing, still got some exciting news that I hope to be revealing soon, continuing on the agent hunt trail. That said, it’s time to look forward to PitMad! If you’re on Twitter, follow me and give me a friendly RT on Thursday, won’t ya?

Til next time, y’all stay safe out there.

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  1. Lol yeah, I used to get the notifications of my annual payments and be reminded just how much I was neglecting my blog too. Anyway, wishing you the best with your journey!

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