Here we go.

Who is J.J. Segwis? Great question. When he figures it out, he’ll be sure to let you know.

What he does know is this: he loves writing. He loves the craft of it, he loves sharing stories, he loves coming up with the weird and wild, and also finding the little moments in the mundane.

For him, writing is a passion. Which is good because the odds of it becoming a career are relatively thin. He’ll probably write one of those things that everyone ignores only to love a hundred years later when he’s worm food and has no idea he actually wrote something good.

What genre does he write in? The answer is yes, which is of course the worst answer. Most stories seem to find themselves in the realm of spec lit–sci fi and fantasy probably top the list, with horror following closely. But he’s also penned a few contemp lit stories, too many comedies, there’s a Western WIP… so yeah, he’s never going to make this into a successfully established career. His downfall will always be that his mind is very scattered, and once it formulates a story out of the ether of his madness, it must be put into words.

Check out the ‘Published Elsewhere’ area to read his work, if he ever actually fools someone into publishing said gibberish. There’s also a comedy series exclusively here (‘Published Here’, if you needed the guidance), and there are further exclusive short stories available if you sign up for the newsletter.

J.J. Segwis also likes turtles.

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