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J.J. Segwis, Dr. Jake Rammoerstoen, Danson C. Equestrian, Esq., and Mattothy Northman are lifelong friends and Florida men. It’s not their fault that they are also fated to spend their lives defending the world from crises that nobody else seems to notice.

The Poetic Narratives are a website exclusive, they will not be published elsewhere!
(That may or may not be because they’re not good enough to get published elsewhere)

The Poetic Narrative: Reader, Please Don’t Do This To Yourself

The Poetic Narrative 2: Did You Not Learn The First Time?
Content Warning: As this is a political satire focusing on Florida politics, elements of racism and other forms of bigotry are included.

The Poetic Narrative 3: It’s Danson’s Turn! (coming May 2021)

The Poetic Narrative 4: The Rise of Super Boy Toy (TBD)

The Poetic Narrative: The Panhandle Incident (TBD)

The Super Boy Toy Adventures Episode 1 (TBD)

The Super Boy Toy Adventures Episode 2 (TBD)

The Super Boy Toy Adventures Episode 3 (TBD)

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